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     International Couple with Asian gf & bf :アジア系の彼氏・彼女のいるかた
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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2008/7/12 2:10
Joined: 2008/7/11
From: Chiba (Japan)
Posts: 118
International Couple with Asian gf & bf :アジア系の彼氏・彼女のいるかた
[Japanese(M) & Malaysia(F)]

I have Malay gf "Marjorie" and we've met in since 2005.
if u're international couple with asian girl or boy, please tell us about nationality and some details.


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 » International Couple with Asian gf & bf :アジア系の彼氏・彼女のいるかた Adam 2008/7/12 2:10
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                   Re: アジア系の彼氏・彼女のいるかた Adam 2009/2/4 11:56

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