Purpose of this website
 I was affected from the 5 years staying in SPAIN when I was child. After back to Japan I always try to keep international mind. This "TiL" website offers and supply informations of international activities and lifestyle in Japan.

Most typical Japanese says, “Of course we need international mind but Japan is already reached to the advance country and we don’t need to be like that.” I think the important point is not “need or not”. You can grow up yourself and create reformative idea by learning other countries thinking. Moreover you can build a flexible personality from repeating that experiences again and again.

Why most Japanese never browe to the English and other language website?

Information Technology were extremely developed recent days, and for example when assuming the amount of English website is 10, how big Japanese website is? Of course other country people (especially you, reached this Japanese website) knows it’s extremely tiny amount compare to the other language website. But most Japanese people didn’t notice that. According to some thesis, amount of Japanese website compare to the English website is only 13% of them[1]. We need to expand other 87% world and that will automatically effect you to become real international person in the future.

[1] DEWS2008 A2-3 Analysis in Language Distribution of World Web Sites and Links/Geographic Positions of Web Sites including Japanese
Hou TOU, Yu HIRATE, and Hayato YAMANA,
Graduate School of Fundamental Engineering, Waseda University

Origin of TiL website main color
This TiL website main color is decided to the blue. That is why the SPAIN and the other European countries weather is basically dry all days and we can spend a comfortable time in side rooms even if it’s middle of summer season. And also European sky always has deep blue color. I was really moved when I saw that blue sky with no clouds at all. This is the reason why we decided to use “SPANISH blue” for this TiL website image color.

*Name of “SPANISH blue” is just made it ourselves. It doesn't actually exist.

Every category page includes comment filling space each bottom of the page. You can share own information and post the comment about articles using that space. Moreover in the TiL FORUM page, you can find Japanese and foreign friends there and enjoy conversation each other. If you have any interest, please join the FORUM page.
*Improper writing and the trouble act are prohibited.