Making method of "Aldente pasta"

"Al dente" is the optimal boiled condition of pasta with just remain raw part in the middle as thin as a hair thickness.
Have you ever had experience with overflowing hot water while boiling pasta? Or miss cook with pasta became too hard or too soft? I'll introduce you how to avoid this problem with new method of boiling pasta on this page.

Pour the water into a pot and boil it.
1). Pour the water into a pot and boil it.

2). Add the salt into boiling water.
Do you know why should we put the salt into water when we making boil pasta?
This salt effect to melt a protein, which is containing inside of the pasta, and this becomes pasta harder and fresher.
Furthermore if you added salt into water, boiling point will increase compare to the non-salt water. Thus this temperature provides the proper conditions for boiling pasta.

Add the pasta 3). Add the pasta
Add the pasta to the boiled water, and mix it until the pasta goes down to more than the surface of water.

4). If the water re-boiled, stop the fire.
This is the important point of this method!
After putting pasta into the hot water, boiling will stop a while. Then if the water started to boil again, put on the pod's lid and stop heating.

5). Check the package of pasta, and leave the pod while boiling time written on package. (Usually about 7minutes)
If you leave the pod like this, you can save your gasses and also don't need to care about overflowing of boiling water.

After the appointed time past, open the pod's lid and mix the pasta.
6).After the appointed time past, open the pod's lid and mix the pasta.
Just mix the stick pasta to separating each other.

7). Put the pod's lid and re-boil about 1 minute.
This is the final boiling. Basically 1 minute but while boiling water, please take some pasta from pod and bite it for checking hardness.

This is the whole method of making Aldente pasta.
Boiling time was separated 2 stages, but I think it's easier to not worry about overflowing hot water every time.

I'll show you the recipe of "Tomato sauce pasta with shrimp and eggplant" on next page.
See you in the next page!


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