Sea Salt by KIRKLAND

Sea Salt by KIRKLAND I'll introduce you about Mediterranean Sea Salt by KIRKLAND made in France.

KIRKLAND is an original brand of COSTCO. It has a mill on the top of the bottle, so you can crack each lump of salt using by mill just before you're cooking.

It's including 360g in a bottle and price is 870 yen. It's little bit expensive but you can buy it in COSTCO about 1200 yen for 2 bottles.
Usually you can only buy this salt in COSTCO, but I found online site "costcost21" which is mainly selling COSTCO products.

My first bottle was just become empty, but usually we use salt just little by little. So in my situation, I could use one bottle for about 5 month. But I think it's depend on the frequency of use.

シーソルトKIRKLAND [Merit of using Sea Salt]
It's created by nature fermentation of seawater, so it's including more sweetness compare to the general processed salt.
Also including ingredient of natural mineral very much.
Different point of artificial salt is mineral balance of Sea Salt is almost same as a seawater, that means equal to the mineral balance of human body. So it can easily absorb to the body and metabolism will drastically improve.

There is also "Rock Salt" is very famous, but Rock Salt includes a lot of chlorination sodium and most mineral ingredients were lost by the long time passing. Big size of grains senses you to taste smooth because it melts slower on you tongue.

Salt is necessary for the cook every day.
This kind of few conscious about health will affect to the decreasing attack of a disease and percentage of diabetes.
If you have any interest, please try it once.


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