Diet sugar "Equal Sweetener"

Diet sugar Equal Sweetener Diet sugar Equal Sweetener
Equal Sweetener is artificial sweetener, but it taste sweeter 2 or 3 times than cube sugar.
It's including 800 packets per 1 gram and costs about 2000 yen.
This is very useful for daily coffee and tea, and also you can use it for cooking too. It contains enough amounts of packets for long time use.
Usual Japanese non-calorie sweetener is costs about more than 1000 yen including 70 packets (160 gram), so compare to this price you'll notice Equal Sweetener is extremely cheaper.
Furthermore, this sweetener doesn't include Sodium such as causing apoplexy.

You can take out sweetener packets from bottom of this box from the place of tear opened.
If you bought non-calorie sugar with bag in usual pharmacy, you may feel quantity is really poor, but if you buy this kind of huge box type, you'll never feel the sweetener becoming decrease.
I strongly recommend you to try this, when you have already decided to use non-calorie sugars in your life.

I found same sugar in Japanese online store.


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