Recipe of "Tomato sauce"

frying garlic I'll introduce you the recipe of Tomato sauce for pasta on this page.

Let's get started!

1). Put the olive oil on pan, and fry some sliced garlic until changing their color to the yellow.
It's a basic of Italian cooking. Italian recipe start with this olive oil and garlic every time.

Important thing is you have to put the garlic when the olive oil temperature is low, and fry it slowly. This effects oil to have garlic smells in it.
Onion mixer, food processor Onion mixer, food processor
2).Put the onion in the mixer or food processor, and add to 1) and fry it by medium fire.
Keep frying when the moisture of onion will gone and its color was changed to the yellow. This process is affect to the sweetness of pasta sauce, so please take long time as possible as you can. Be careful it's dangerous to scald by the bubbled oil water on this process.

Frying Onion Fry onion with medium fire
whole tomato put the whole tomato to the ball
3). Put the whole tomato to the ball and remove the core.
If you are trouble with removing each tomato core, I'll recommend you to buy diced tomato at first. But in my opinion, if you crush tomato by you hand, it shapes more naturally and it becomes looks delicious.

add the tomato to the onion removing harsh
4). Put the tomato to the 2), and boile about 25 minutes.
This process is adding 3)'s core removed tomato to the onion, but in my method, I put the tomato straight to the pan while removing cores. Because it's faster than doing 3). Speed is also needed for the cooking.

While boiling 25 minutes by weak fire, there are harsh will appear soon. Please remove it by the ladle.

This is the all process of making Tomato source.

Basically, it's most delicious in 1 to 2 days after making this source because of removing acidity.
But if you want to use it on that time, just add a little bit sugar in it and made it milder.
This tomato source can use for many kind of pasta, so I'll recommend you to not put any seasoning for this time.
I usually stock this tomato source with packing in the Ziplock plastic bag, and keeping in the freezer. In the Italian family also keeping tomato source with making big amount of tomato source at once, and using it little by little.

- Whole tomato (4 can)
- Onion (2)
- Garlic (3)
- Olive oil

There are also have already completed tomato source selling in Rakuten online store too.


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