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Auto Lawn Mower

Automower Solar Hybrid This is the "Automower Solar Hybrid" by Husqvarna corporation.
Finally robots are replaced our lawn mowing opportunity from human life.

I thought this day might be come true for past few years.
Maybe robot will invade our life little by little as like this in the future. lol

This lawn mower has a sensor and move around the garden him self until owner send the termination signal.

Moreover, it has a solar panel and creates energy while he is cutting grass. This system keeps him to work longer.

He can cut the CO2, Not only cutting grass!

If he lost his juice, he'll return to docking area and recharge his battery himself.
After recharging battery, he'll start lawn mowing again and again.

Bottom video is shown designer's comment of this machine.

Uhm.. what do you think? lol I've seen such a cleaner robot before on the TV shopping in the midnight. lol
It seems moving little bit slowly, but I think if you turned on it in the morning, maybe he'll cut all part of grass until after noon.

If you opened part of solar panel, there is a display for setting timer schedule and detailed setup.

Automower costs about £2,000 (42 man 5300 yen JPY).
Oh, it's little bit expensive..

But I think this cost is showing their quality and values.

If you have any interest, please visit Husqvarna corp website.


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