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Hard Rock Cafe Glass

This is a HRC(Hard Rock Cafe) glass.

HRC Pilsner glass HRC Hurricane glass HRC Martini glass

Start from left hand side "Pilsner glass", "Hurricane glass" and "Martini glass".

Each glass was given by ordering special drink menu with including glass present.
"CLASSIC ROCK" menu is all including glass present at the last page of HRC menu list.
Price is about 1300 yen. It's a little bit expensive but, compare to other non glass drinks, 1300 yen is still reasonable for 1 drink and glass.

HRC glass Right hand side picture shows placing HRC glass and usual glass side by side.
You can see this glass size is really bigger than typical one.

Good point to use this glass, if it's big enough like this one, you don't need to refill several time to your glass.

This glass is selling in the HRC store only, so if you want to get it, you must find it in the online.

This glass is using all over the world's HRC store, and each glass has print of their own store name on it. Moreover, you can buy HRC T-shirts and pins in the HRC store too.
If you find HRC in other country, while you're tripping, why don't you drop in on the way and get some local HRC items for the souvenir?