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World Heritage puzzle "Sagrada Familia"

World Heritage puzzle This is a World heritage puzzle series created by puzzle maker of Beverly corp.

Today I bought 1000 pieces puzzle of Sagrada Familia, which I have seen when I was lived in Spain long time ago.
This construction is really important part of my memory, so I was really enjoyed with creating this puzzle.

This puzzle piece is smaller than the usual piece size. It calls "Micro piece", and there is a record of this is the smallest puzzle piece in the world (2008.Jan).

Micro piece smallest puzzle piece in the world puzzle pieces

I haven't really experienced puzzles before, so I didn't know how hard to create 1000 piece puzzle like this one.
When I opened the box, I was really surprised with huge amount of pieces.

I tried making little by little with taking many times.

In the part of the construction is okay, but most difficult place was "SKY".
It's looks all the same pieces. lol

After purchasing this puzzle, I addicted to making this puzzle after having bath and watching TV with it.
Finally it takes about 3 weeks to complete it.
sagrada familia
Completed "Sagrada familia" puzzle is this.

Yeah,, I did it! lol
This puzzle size is 38cm-26cm. It's a little bit small, but it contains with more effusion than normal posters. If you have any impressed memory with these puzzle pictures, I think it will include more values into the interior.

There are more another World heritage puzzles in this site, so please find your own memory place puzzles and try creating it.