T-fal pots

T-fal pots T-fal is famous with removing the handle of pot showing in the CM.

This pot can't remove handles, but fluorine processing is provided.

T-fal is known in popular kitchenware brand all over the world. They found pressure cooker and fluorine coating processing. Removable handle is famous in Japan and now they're become global company with loved by 150 countries.

I bought this pot in T-fal shop of "Tosu Premium Outlet".
Top of the lid, there are space for discharging vapors with sliding lever.
Thanks to this part, you don't need to worry about spilling while boiling water.

T-fal pots T-fal pots
When you start heating this pot, inside of center circled red pattern will disappear to tell you visibly the timing to pour the oil on it. Furthermore, T-fal can spread the heating uniformity to the pot, so cooking time, gas bill will decrease and you can cook more delicious than usual one.

I usually make Tomato sauce for pasta with using this pot.
Before start using this pot, when I frying processed onion, it will scorch easily, but when I use T-fal, I could fry it balancely.

I recommend you to try T-fal once.


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