Formula 1 World Championship 2006

Albert Park Formula 1 World Championship is held every year.
Melbourne city also has Formula 1 circuit inside the Albert Park for Australia GP since 1996. Usually this circuit course is uses for public road, and you can drive through the Formula 1 course by your car.

I felt little bit weird when I saw just a family car is running on the racing course. lol

This time, I couldn’t join the main racing event day, so I just visited Albert Park for seeing a race qualifying.

Porsche garage Maclaren

There are so many super cars are displayed.
I’ve never seen real Maclaren. I’ve only seen the toy Maclaren car before! Lol Omg! There is exactly only one seat in the middle of the car seat! Awesome!
I tried to go into the Porsche garage too.
The clue doesn’t say anything, so I’ve look at Porsche as close as I can. lol Lamborghini

Lamborghini is also cool !

I’ve never experienced formula 1 in the racing circuit, so I didn’t know such super cars are displayed besides the circuit.
How much we have to work when general person wants to buy these kind of cars? lol

And most impressive event is this one!
I took picture with Mr. Jenson Button of BAR Honda driver!

Jenson Button Jenson Button

I can’t believe it !
Look at my smiley face ! I felt like having a dream on that time. lol

I already have bought two formula 1 pamphlets, so I got signatures from Jenson Button both of them, and I gave it to my parent one of them for the gift.
I felt it is impudent, but I tried to ask Mr. Button to write “to MASA” bottom of the signature.
But he was very kind and signed it with his smile. he is so cool !
I wanna be a friend with him. lol

We left Australia when just this Melbourne Grand prix were held, but I could experience a lot of things in qualifying event.

There is a one thing I have to say to my parents. I went formula 1 event with truancy the school. (Of course I told to my teacher).
Sorry mom and dad! Lol
But I could experience and study English with Mr. Button on that day, so please forgive meeee! lol

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