Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne Melbourne, Australia. This is the closest city from my home stay and Monash University. Yarra River is crossing middle of the city, and many people resting side of the river and sightseeing boats are used for the transportations.

Melbourne is the capital of the state Victoria, and place in the southern Australia. Population is about 3million 700,000 and this is the second biggest city next of the Sydney.
Often we heard about Sydney is modern and busy atmosphere, but I felt Melbourne is more peaceful and they have many historical buildings in the city.

While I'm staying Melbourne, I saw many musicians who play in the bar and pavement frequently, and If there are any event or festival were held, whole town gather and participates them. I felt this town is also have modern side but also have humor and humanity side too.

St Patrick Cathedral Arts Centre Shrine of Remembrance

While I'm watching these pictures, I noticed this clear blue sky is really resembles to the European weather, and always dry all seasons.
My homepage color is also uses this clear blue color (Spanish Blue) for the main color, why because this blue sky was really impressed me when I was child.

Under such a wonderful blue sky, Melbourne has a lot of historical buildings.
At first, left hand side picture is shown "St Patric Cathedral". This is the biggest church made by gothic construction method. This building was constructed from 1858 to spend 80 years and it's completed in 1940. About 103 meters high steeple is light up every night.
Middle picture is shown "Arts Centre". This building is for musical theater and studio facilities.
And 3rd picture shows "Shrine of Remembrance". This is a memorial for the soldier who died in Vietnam war in world war T and U.
Moreover there are many places to see in Melbourne for example, Observatory, old historical prison and penguin parade..etc

Flinders Street Station City Cycle Tram

This is a main spot of the Melbourne, "Flinders Street Station".
It has a very stands out yellow colored wall and Islam style roof design. It produces perfect matching between the modern city and retro station.
In the Melbourne city, there are "City Cycle Trams" running whole town. Tourists and any people can ride it for free. Sometimes there are another designed trams are running too, but these tram needs a charge, so if you can choose only free City Cycle Trams, you can around the city with no need to pay.

Moomba Waterfest Moomba Waterfest

The first ten days of March, "Moomba Waterfest" is held just in front of this station (Swanston Street) every year.
This festival is biggest traditional festival in Australia. This is the most popular event for family, and it contains personal humor performance a lot. As I told before, in Melbourne they are producing their own event by whole town together. I thought these kind of event repetitiveness will effect to the economy and made them energetic town.

Italian restaurant in Lygon street Italian restaurant in Lygon street(Pescatore pasta)

Many kind of human races are immigrated to this country, and that effect was appeared in middle of Melbourne city too. There are including Indian area, Chinese area and Italian area in Melbourne city. Many kind of nationalities are gathered and we can find a lot of restaurants and shops in this town. I found great Italian restaurant in Lygon street, and I ate amazing Pescatore pasta.

Delicious food and wonderful events, and beautiful towns. Melbourne was elected No.1 city of the world in 2004.
Biggest growth of this trip is to have noticed such an amazing town is existing just near from Japan, and experienced a lot of things from there.
If I have chance to visit this country again, I'll definitely pleased to visit again and meet my host families.

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