Kuala Lumpur (KL)

Petronas twin-tower Kuala Lumpur is capital city of Malaysia. Symbol of this city is Petronas Twin Tower. Petronas is a famous oil company, and also have a company's logo on the Formula racing machine of the Sauber (in 2008).

This building is built in 1998, and constructed by the Japan and Korea both of the twin tower each other. This skyscraper has 88 stories, and 452 meters high. It is higher than the Tokyo tower. Inside of this building, there are Petronas business offices and the other companies office floor. But there is a department store on the ground floor, many customers are enjoy shopping every day.
Interesting point is, they used Japanese and Korean's competing mind, and constructed this tower as quicker as possible. There are minth about each country wanted to complete their tower faster, so they sometimes constructed in the midnight secretly. lol
If you have any interest about this story, recommend you to check out. (Be careful there is sometime lie information too)

Sultan Abdul Samad Building Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Sultan Abdul Samad Building Sultan Abdul Samad Building

This picture is Sultan Abdul Samad Building in front of Merdeka Square. You can enjoy driving at night in Kuala Lumpur, because there was many kinds of illuminations were set on the building wall.
Malaysia was independent in 31/8/1957 from Japan and England, and many peoples are gathering in this Merdeka Square every year.

夜のKL Eye of Malaysia Eye of Malaysia

  Kuala Lumpur is very beautiful in the night too. When I went to Malaysia, there was "Eye on Malaysia" of Ferris wheel looks like a London Eye in England. This wheel becomes town more beautiful with this colorful lightning.

セゴビアの水道橋 グエル公園

  This place is an artificial seaside resort calls "Sunway Lagoon". It has a wave, but its only pool so you don't need to take shower after swimming. It is not enough to play everything in this amusement park 1 day, because there are many kinds of attractions and facilities are provided. You can access to the next amusement park using by this long bridge. Around this amusement park, there are resort hotels and department stores. And this department store has a skate link on underground.
We can do anything in this place!

Such an amazing Kuala Lumpur was under attack by the Japan and England before.

I was really surprised one thing Japanese government didn't open the information to the public about terrible things done to the other country in world war U.
They even didn't publish that truth on the history text book. They just put some information only date and happening like " 19xx, Malay war started". It's not like a just small event! It was tragedy matters occurred by Japanese. It was huge problem same as the Hiroshima's atomic bomb.

Last night, I saw some TV program shows about Japanese education environment in during war term. I felt most peoples were brainwashed by the country on that time, so if there are any unpredictable fact and secrets were happened, they could easily erase and remove it from the Japanese history.

We must listen from the other country's voice and face to the real truth, and accept that history. After that we can proudly say "We are advanced country" and our technology skills. And if I can accept that, I can also proudly live my whole life.

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