Other Experiences

Kindergarten kids I stayed in my girl friend's sister's house in Malaysia. I was student on that time so I don't have enough money to stay in hotel, so this was really helpful for our trip.
Thank you very much for all family and friends!

My girl friend's mother managing kindergarten in the next door. Every morning, many children were playing around the house and studying English and math. While I'm staying Malaysia, we had a sports festival in this kindergarten, so I helped her mother to take role in cameraman on this event.

Pooh Bear Pooh Bear

And scribbled on the wall..just kidding.

Her mother asked me to draw something on the kindergarten wall, so I did my best to draw the Pooh Bear. I've never draw picture on the wall before, so at first Pooh's head shapes becomes weird in the rough copy. It was really difficult.

When I drawing on the wall, children came to me and say,
"What's that?"
"oh, it's Pooh!"
This children's reaction was really glad to me and I could enjoy drawing.
I felt I was lucky to start practice drawing when I was young.

グンテンハイランド グンテンハイランド・カジノ

When we climbed up the mountain in Malaysia, temperature will goes down and they can also plant strawberry and highland's vegetables. We went Genting Highland which is locating such as high mountain.
In the Genting Highland, there is a amusemetpark, ropeway and casino. I've experienced casino for the first time.
I grabbed 5,000 yen from very few traveling expenses and joined rulet table.

Luckly, it returned by 18,000 yen! yeey!
I think this is just a begginer's luck.lol
Malaysian friend's wedding ceremony wedding cake
We were invited by the Malaysian friend who was in the same university for their wedding ceremony
In Malaysia they decide the wedding theme color first and according to that color, they decorate their own clothes and celemony hall design. This time, they decide pink color for the wedding and that was really beautiful.

This is my girl friend's cousin's house.
This was amazing huge size!

I wanna built such a big house in the future.

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