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Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island Malaysia is well known by beautiful sea and nature. But also famous with Pangkor island resort.

We can access to this island with using by ferry. It's totally different from Japanese reclaimed beach. Pangkor island is natural beach, so we can find beautiful beach everywhere.
I asked my girl friend with pointing just besides small beach and "We can swin that place! that is beautiful enough for me" when we just arrived this island. But she said "if you want, go ahead. but that place is nnothing. we will be arrive more beautiful beach soon". I was noticed when we arrivedand sawan amazing main beach.

On the first day, we had a tour for staying in the small island whole day. It was quite near from our hotel, and we were sent by the small boat to that island.
This area was prohibitted fishing, so I noticed these area's fishes were little bit careless mind. because when I feed them every fishes were crowded to the foods, and there were also huge fishes included. There were colourful rainbow fishes too, you can see it on the picture.

to the resort beach by the boat fishes
resort beach monkeys

Pangkor Island
This is the island which we were stayed whole day. White sand beach and beautiful sea,this is the one I wanted in Malaysia.

There are wild monkeys in the island and they took our banana donuts which we bought for the snacks.

We enjoyed Canoe and Snorkeling in the diving spot.

Especially I could really enjoy Jetski which you need a lisence if you want to ride in Japan. In the afternoon refleshment, we ate "ice kacang" in the bar and relaxed.
Jetski in the seaside restaurant

We had a really valuable time in Pangkor island, and when the evening time, sky were gradually turned into orange color. There were playing kids with swing under the tree, some guys were started to put away the boats and some kids were still keep swimming. I felt times past really slow in this island.
kids with swing under the tree sky were gradually turned into orange color

 kids were still keep swimming While I was looking at them I became wanted to swim on the left hand side)
When we walked along the beach in the night, there were many small light on a sand. It was noctiluca.
This was a first time I've seen them.
They were always twinkle when the wave were came. that was really beautiful and impressive.

I don't know the name of this birds
We can enjoy full of natures in Pangkor island.
There were also rare birds flying near the our hotel. I don't know the name of this birds, but I was really happy with spening in such a beatiful place and had a valuable experience in Malaysia.

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