Sightseeing spot

Merlion The Merlion is well known in symbol of Singapore.
It was said that "Mer" means "sea" in French, and combined to the "lion" and create Merlion for the symbol of Singapore.
It is 8 meters high, lower half of the body is fish and upper half is lion. He is riding on wave and bleching the water from his mouth.

Moreover, there is another 37 meters tall Merlion in Sentosa island which we can enter the inside of this tower. This Merlion flashes his eyes with constant time span at the night. You can learn Singapore and origin of Merlion's history in this island while visiting theme park museums.

Merlion Merlion
Inside of the Merlion's mouth, we can see Singapore town views.

Merlion Park Merlion Park
There are two ways to access to the Sentosa island. One is using by cable car, and another is using by a public bus runnig on the bridge.
Picture on the right hand side shows Sentosa beach, and this place is the most southern point of the continent of east asia.(This picture is took toward to the north direction.)

city center of Singapore
This is city center of Singapore.
Population is about 4 million, and very popular with trading this counrty.

It is locating on the most southern place in peninsula of Malaysia, and this place is well known for the trading to the asia and europe.

By the way, my singaporean friend Alan came to my city in Fukuoka and said,
there are many kind of human races living in same country, so they need flexible communication skills including knowledge of traditional differences. Most surprised thing is local singaporean is treated badly than other foreign people.
If there is a problem happened between singaporean and foreign people, local peoples doubted first by the police.
I was really surprised when I heard this story, because it's totally different from Japan.
Diplomacy is the most important business in singapore, so if someone criticize or complain to foreigners and caused any problem, that may enlarge to big problem between both countries.

uhm,,I felt each country has each own situations.
I think it's very uncomfortable for local person when the foreigners has big right in their home country.

Moreover, Alan said job hunting is extremely difficult in Singapore, and competition of studying is also hard between several nationarities. It's impossible level compare to Japanese examination.

night safari night safari
There is nature protected area in northwest of Singapore, and you can experience night safari in there. There are nocturnal habit animals in this safari and you can see around with riding safari bus.

Singapore is including nature, town and heavy competition.
I'll strongly recommend you to visit this mixed culture country once in a life.

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