School (Colegio)

Most Japanese family who stay in Spain for 2 to 3 years are take their children to the Japanese school. Japanese school of Barcelona which I studied has elementary and junior high school grade together, and there are about 100 to 150 peoples are studying.

Japanese School of Barcelona Japanese School of Barcelona
Japanese School of Barcelona Japanese School of Barcelona

Japanese school of Barcelona is using textbook as same as Japanese school uses. Curriculum is also based on them. Moreover amount of class mates are extremely few, so we can learn deeply and teachers are also can treat every students. These teachers are all elected from every Japanese school, so their quality is also high and always produce us unique lectures. I felt I started studying harder and got interested in studying when I came to Spain first.

Lunch time Sports festival

Almost every day we brought lunch box, but we had a Spanish school lunch once a week. In my opinion (but everyone said same thing), this school lunch was taste awful on that time. lol
Same as the Japanese school lunch time, ever students wear school apron and prepare for the lunch. Picture on the left hand side shows almost same atmosphere as a Japanese school lunch time.
In the sports festival season, we started practice with divided by the red and white team, and compete against them with relay, Tug-of-war and so on. These are completely same as Japanese sports festival too.

But, sometimes we did Spanish events while spending school life in Barcelona. For example, exchange program with local school friends.

This picture shows “Carnaval (Carnival)” event with disguise their own theme and walk around a town.
On this event we enjoyed exchange program with local school kids and make friends with them.

Several months later we invited them to our school on this time, and exchange their cultural differences each other. We tried hard to teach them our traditions with teach them how to write Japanese characters with using Japanese brush pen and play with the “Kendo”. Every Japanese student can’t speak Spanish well, but they always tried hard and take conversation using by hand gesture. Spending time with local kids, everybody become friend and always success at last of this event.

School Angeletta

I think I could learn how to take conversation with person who can’t understand own language, using hand gesture and care their mind.
We couldn’t treat them well on the first time, but we can learn importance of languages and our attitude will naturally concentrate to learning and accept other different cultures.

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