Construction and Art

Sagrada Familia We must introduce "SPAIN" first. Because I've lived there from elementary school 4th grade to junior high school 2nd grade (5 years), it's about one third of my life until now ( 2008 ).

Moreover, thanks for my parents. I've stayed there while I was childhood, which means most flexible and effective generation of the human character. I could learn and changed a lot of things in my mind. So that is why I have to introduce you about wonderful point of Barcelona/SPAIN on this page.

Most people who heard "SPAIN" imagines "Soccer", "Bull fighting" and so on. But "Art" is also famous as like as them. There are many famous artists in SPAIN for example Gaudi, Picaso and Dali. But I have mostly impressed from construction of the Gaudi's "Sagrada Familia". It's already amazing from now, but it's still need to complete about more than 200 years.

There are still remaining many impressive constructions in SPAIN. In my opinion, my favorite constructions are "Alcazar, Sevilla (picture: lower left)" and "Palace Alhambla , Granada(picture: lower right)".

Alcazar, Sevilla Palace Alhambla , Granada

While looking this Alcazar picture, maybe you can also imagine some castle looks like this. Yes, "Snow White" castle. Disney used design images from Alcazar for Snow White's castle. Inside the castle you can see the clothes, beautiful pictures and old weapons. This castle is exactly suitably to call World Heritage. Most impressed spot is when I entered the king's room there is big wall carpet behind the chair. Guide turned over the carpet and there is a hole for run away in the emergency! If you want to see more, click here.
On the right hand side Palace Alhambra. When I entered this palace, there are carved characters on the wall witch I've never seen before. These are all Arabic characters, and this palace Alhambra and Alcazar were both built by the Muslims using by Islam architectural method. SPAIN was belonged to the Sphere of Islam, so you'll find it many times when you sights around this country.
*Alhambre and Alcazar's "Al" means "The" in English.

aqueduct Segovia Parque guell (Guell Park)

The left hand picture is aqueduct which is built in Segovia city. This is not a bridge for humans, this is for water passing through mountain to the city. That is why this bridge's width is very thin. Mechanism of Aqueduct is shown here.
Back to Barcelona, right hand picture shows "Parque guell (Guell Park)". This colorful lizard calls "Mosaic Lizard" and this is designed by Gaudi's mosaic work. This park has many kind of colorful mosaic work architectures for example park bench and pillars.

By the way, child who carrying huge video camera and taking shot is me. lol

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