House (Piso)

White wall house Many people imagines Spanish house with white wall and built near the Mediterranean Sea (looks like a picture right hand side), but mostly they built apartment houses in middle in Barcelona.

It depends on the location, but I often saw apartment with pool in the garden.

apartment (piso) pool in garden

This is the apartment (=piso) which we've stayed in Barcelona for 5 years. They count grand floor level to the 0, so it's little bit different from Japanese floor count rule. We've lived in 2nd floor in Spain, that means 3rd floor of Japanese count.
You can see the red flowers on 3rd floor window on the picture left hand side, that was our house.

friends in piso
These guys are friends who lived in same apartment.
I don't know why but, most of them on this picture is French and we always heard French while we were playing in the garden.
Landlord's son is Spanish, and we've often played together with gaming and football.

cleaning our rooms

Elder brother is cleaning room.
Every brothers are good boy, so they cleaned all of room every weekend.

(yea, I'm lying)lol

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