COSTCO Hisayama "COSTCO" is started from warehouse style store "Price Club" in San Diego, California since 1976, with remodeled airplane's warehouse.
Both names were come from meaning of reducing products costs and prices, and they are always concentrating for produce good service to the customers.

I was really surprised when I saw a huge size of shopping cart.
When I carried this cart, it looks like a child pushing cart because I'm not so tall guy.

There are many foreign customers visiting this place.
My nearest Costco store is locating on Hisayama city. This town is really far from Fukuoka city center, so we've never seen foreign peoples in Hisayama. But when I entered Costco, we can see many foreigners inside the store.

COSTCO Hisayama
The inside of a store is really resembled to warehouse.
This company is mainly selling products to the traders and other store, so they always managing massive amount of stocks.

So they can produce products with good price because of these stocks.

Basically most Costco products are selling with plural and including a lot of amount, so we can see many family customers too.
I always felt there are many nice and huge cars parking in the Costco. I've never seen such a tiny and old student's car in this place. lol
Last time, when I arrived Costco parking and I was looking around the parking space with my girl friend. And finally we found that, but there is huge family wagon appeared, and I horned them, but they pushed back our car and they took our space. I wanna beat them when I got a good car in the future! lol

I really like to eat Costco pizza selling in near the entrance.
You can choose three kinds of pizza, Pepperoni, Combo and Cheese. 1 piece is selling about 280 yen, and it's enough size for 1 person.
Moreover, you can have beverage 80 yen and you can pour any soda in to large size paper cup with free refill.

I always cheat and refill it when we're going back home. lol

We can find many rare products in Costco.
Amount of interior store is also increasing yearly, and there are already 7 stores opened including 1 store, which is just opened this April (July 2008).

You can purchase Costco products with joining Costco Membership in each store information or here (online). If you joined this, you'll become easily to stock massive amount of foods and any products for family.
If you have any interest, I strongly recommend you to visit Costco once!


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