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LE CREUSET Tosu premium outlet We went LE CREUSET store in Tosu Premium Outlet.

LE CREUSET is company in France who mainly made kitchenware and pans. Most popular product is colorful pan design and processed by vitreous enamel material.
I guess you have seen it before on TV or some department store at least at once. They are using particular process to create this pan, so it costs about more than 10 to 20 thousands yen. It's a definitely high-class kitchenware maker.
LE CREUSET is started in 1925. It has long time history.
"CREUSET" means "melting pot" in French, and they use cast iron to create this masterpiece of kitchenware.

LE CREUSET There are many kinds of colorful kitchenware displayed inside of store.
They provided several kinds of colors for same pan design, so we can choose favorite color and design both of them.

Recently, there are persons who want kitchen items for design factor. Because open kitchen style and island kitchen is very popular nowadays and kitchen becomes visible from the living room in recent home layout.

If I carried this pot, it's really heavy compare to general pans. Maybe this weight includes keep warming function and balanced heating system in it.
But I thought if I want to use it in my one hand, it's really hard to use. lol

LE CREUSET has a "Stone Ware" popular as an iron product.
Stone Ware can use in the microwave, oven, and also can use it for the heaping pasta in it.

LE CREUSET Stone Ware Today we bought baking dish of Stone Ware "Stackable Rectangular Dish".
Of course it sells on outlet value, so we could buy it 3500 yen (normal price is 5000 yen).

Now we can cook delicious cheese macaroni using by this plate. I'll introduce you the recipe next time with picture on it.

There are many LE CREUSET stores in Japan, for example inside of Isetan, Iwataya and Izutsuya etc.. You can find your nearest store from this page.

You can also buy LE CREUSET products in Rakuten online too.
Please enjoy searching your own LE CREUSET kitchenware below.