TOSU PREMIUM OUTLET This is Premium Outlet Mal in Tosu city.

It was opened in 12th March 2004 in Saga prefecture, and store area was renewal and expanded to parking area in December 2007. Premium Outlet is good place to enjoy shopping for every generation.

We can access to the shopping area crossing road by the beautiful bridge.

There are many kinds of shop for example, Sports shop (adidas, NIKE ..etc), casual cloth shop (Sisley, United Colors of Benetton ..etc) and brand shop(Coach..etc).
Especially for me, there are also have Snowboarding store (Quicksilver), so I can find some snowboarding goods in this place.

TOSU PREMIUM OUTLET Chelsea Japan Corporation was provided the concept for Premium Outlet about enabling visitors to enjoy shopping at leisure all day in exotic, out-of-the-ordinary surroundings. According to this concept, this shopping area is designed like a park, so we can enjoy shopping even if they bring a baby with this place.

Vehicles are prohibited inside this area, so children can play around very safely too.

TOSU PREMIUM OUTLET In the Halloween, Christmas and the other special event season, Premium Outlet will change their decorations and shopping atmosphere. You can enough to enjoy window-shopping just walk around this place.

If you are tiring, you can rest in the Starbucks coffee or have a seat on the bench placed everywhere in this shopping area.

Visiting in the city center and search good things from thousands of products is also nice,

but if you hate with crowd of people, I'll recommend you to spend your time slowly and enjoy shopping like this place.

Chelsea Premium Outlet is gradually expanding interior Japan (Shizuoka, Osaka, Tochigi, Saga, Gifu, Kobe, Sendai, Ibaragi).

If you are living in near these places, why don't you visit this place once?

Moreover, there are online outlet shop "Outlet Peak" producing more than 100 brands clothes. If you don't have any Premium Outlet near from your house, how about visit this website once?


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