With The Style "FULL MOON PARTY"

with the style entrance Just walk from the Hakata station (Fukuoka pref.) about 5 minutes, suddenly Californian building appeared. There are palm trees in front of the entrance, and this was produce us looks like a high-class club atmosphere.

We visited such an entertainment hotel "With The Style".

This was a second time to visit this place, and same as the last time, we joined one event of Fukuoka Now in "FULL MOON PARTY".

with the style With The Style is hotel, but there is dining area and restaurant on the first floor, and many concerts and event held on this area.

There isn't roof on this floor, and it produce us a such as a outdoor atmosphere with open area. That is why they can hold interesting event such as FULL MOON PARTY in this place.

Comfortable wind, green plants and blue sky, clear water sound. You can enjoy such a relax time in the middle of the Hakata city.

with the style drink coin
We visited here for joining event, so we received beverage coin in the entrance.
We can exchange it to the drink or food in the counter.

This event was held by the collaboration of "Fukuoka Now" and "Thai Airways International", so there was a lottery event with prize of trip to the Thailand.
Thanks for the Thai Airways, if you buy this lottery ticket, this money will contribute to the orphan kids in Fukuoka.
Of course I joined this event too!

Moreover, Thailand dancer shows on the stage too.

Enjoying shows with having delicious drink and food.
They held many events according to the concept of "Person who has priority for the pleasure" in With The Style.
Yes! Life is Fabulous!

with the style artist with the style bar
Furthermore, some Asian taste musician held mini live on the stage. We could enjoy this party with making many friends there and talk to many peoples.

Disappointingly we couldn't get prize of lottery, but I was rally happy with I could talk to the CEO of Fukuoka NOW, Mr. Nick Szasz.
After on my way back, I regretted to show my lottery number to the Mr.Nick. lol

with the style balcony with the style standard room

More detailed Full Moon Party PHOTO is shown here.


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