Today's Photo過去掲載一覧
ツインタワー KLマレーシア Twin Tower in Malaysia
This is one of my masterpiece taken in Malaysia last summer
オレンジ色の空 夕焼け Orange Sky
Amazing sunset in Momochi-hama. gradation was awsome!

熊本城築城400年 改築 Kumamoto castle
A 400 year historical landmark has been reconstructed at Kumamoto Castle recently.
勝盛公園 Katsumori Park Katsumori Park
There was heavy snow in Fukuoka recently. It's rare to see such white view.
海浜幕張 Makuhari New City Working in Makuhari
Now, I'm working in Makuhari City. Spending very busy days..

奈良の紅葉 maple leaves Maple Leaves
The maple leaves have turned red.
Location : Nara Park

Wakakusa Yamayaki
Grass of the Wakakusa Yama mountainside was set afire on this event.